beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Whyyyyy do people keep youthing older characters in fic?

Why do I have to read yet another conversation on ‘he couldn’t be over forty’ when - clues available, canon and actor - he really sincerely is.

They’re going silver! Their laugh lines do happy crinkly things around their eyes pretty much all the time! They’re still well fit, goodness knows, but it’s not the plastic shrink wrapped kind no more, thankfully.

Why do people who presumably started liking that very version of them just casually scrub a decade or more off their age?

Half the time they’d end up making no sense with a timeline that compressed.

And really, sincerely, could writers just stop making everyone be younger than me?

There’s an ever shrinking list of older than me in the first place, please to not be shrinking it any faster.

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