beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I found myself looking up my old website to see if it still exists (since it sort of magically appeared after geocities stopped and I'm only tenuously connected to it anymore)
and I've rediscovered that even looking at my old stuff?
gives me horrible sinking feeling nausea and argh breathing and wtf near panic attack???

and this would be why I haven't corrected the weird lack of speech marks in one of my Ao3 fics, but I didn't realise it was generally applicable.

All? My old things? Panic now?

And a quick search also found yet more copies on websites I've never been connected to and have no control over, so, that's... a thing.
I know what the internet is like, I just don't always know why they bother.

So this is... unhelpful.

But also highlights one reason I like these journal sites better, since I don't have to wade through the front page with my dad's obituary linked from it just to, you know, post, or read last week, or anything.

I could change at least one copy of said site to not mention said obit, but (a) I usually need to look it up to remember when exactly he died, since it was 1998, and (b) every other page I looked at had its own variety of effect.

I think it's just that any bit of life had its own problems, and being precariously balanced amidst current problems, I can really do without adding more.

But the thing that makes most panic is when pages aren't there anymore, so, *sigh*

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