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Sunday worked
for the first time in ages.
We went to the supermarket and bought breakfast and mine arrived short one hash brown so i went and said excuse please until someone noticed and explained the missing food and then they briught me two to make up for it. :)
then we did shoppings. I stick to my resolve about not buying chocolate brownie bites, but I don't know how much longer I'll bother. No afters is super boring.
But morrisons are still selling cottage pie, so I have three now.
I do not have more freezer veg because they were unloading those freezers, which contained some really interesting glaciers that probably should not have been there.

Now I go shopping every thursday I don't seem to buy much on any given shopping trip. but my fridge is a bit empty. things not being in stock is annoying.

there should be a shop that sells All The Quorns. Every type and flavour. at once.


So after that we went home to my house and mum saw the new dvd shelves and took the advertisement for the guy that made the shelves. They took a really long time but they are exactly what I wanted. And you can store a bazillion dvds on them, which my brother needs.

We watched X men days of future past.
It's still frustrating in a lot of places.
But I have so many feels about these guys it's ridiculous.

One of these days I'm going to fall down the x men comics rabbit hole and my budget may never recover.
Currently I avoid it by that thing where I don't know where to start and all the ways of acquiring comics are either too much travel or too newfangled for me.

It is apparently really foggy around here. I mean it was foggy when I looked out the window and there's only a car and a half width out there. so mum said she would phone me when she got home and then she didn't. so that was a needlessly stressful twenty minutes.

But today basically worked, yaays.

In other news, life would be simpler if I could either figure out the stupid tumblr messaging system or turn it off so people knew they weren't reaching me. It makes stupid sounds and thinks it is doing stuff and I don't think I'm seeing stuff. Blergh.

DW comments much better.

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