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I'm still trying to figure a way to articulate this clearly
I'm getting real tired of fans who seem to conflate smarts and value

to the point that if they start liking a stupid character they spend a ton of words on picking out 'evidence' he's only pretending to be stupid.
And, like, that's not the point?
Maybe he's 'smart' and just doesn't word too good, that's a thing that can happen, sure. I mean me out loud any time I'm not on my specialist subject or on script is just... going to give a false impression of my college grades.
Dear nerds of the internet
Someone can be aspiring to a D grade academically
And still be awesome.

I mean, maybe they're kind, maybe they're loyal, maybe they're the kind of tank character who will roll straight over their enemies and take a beating and never really give a damn, maybe they're secretly a ninja, maybe they run real fast, maybe a bazillion things that have nothing to do with an IQ stat or even possession of basic common sense. Because lets face it, if any of them had basic common sense they probably wouldn't be on the adventure.

Maybe there's a million things to admire about them when they are in fact stupid.

Just because school is only judgey along one value set doesn't mean smart is the only virtue.

It annoys me in much the same way some people are fans of older characters but then write them younger and send them to the gym until they're plastic. Like, no? They are great already? Why squish them to some particular average?

But it also annoys me in a disability rights way that I keep on trying to phrase right and get stuck on. Like, stupid people have a perfect right to be stupid, and still get to make decisions and go on adventures same like anybody else. Watching them be successful and then taking it as evidence they are secretly smart is just... really annoying.

But then even using the word stupid is going to sound rude, so I don't know, this is a messy concept.

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