beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

It was Dancing again :-)
Dancing on the opposite side of the room makes everything awkward again. Also I kept finding uppy downy bits and the floor isn't supposed to do that.

While I was dancing the security guy came in and said he'd found an exhaust and someone's exhaust had fallen off. Which turned out to be Employee's. Which, you know, was awkward.
It was only the bit at the back and apparently it works fine without that, as evidenced by our arriving home with all the shopping as per usual.
But that was not a good day for Employee.

I have as much Five Alive juice as I wanted :-)
Also I have nice apple trellis pastries like I wanted :-)
And ordered same again for next week so I can has next week too :-)

Quorn or Sainsburys have changed what is available though, so I do not have what I was planning to eat. If they've stopped making what I was planning to eat I shall be Very Annoyed. Again.

But today was a pretty okay day, unless you are Employee, who now has to fix the busted stuff.

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Tags: dances, shopping
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