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Because I wanted to change where things were shelved I just reread some of my graphic novels
and then deleted them off librarything ready to sell.
(I realise this way lies rebuying things I actually hated, but I didn't think to make a collection for deleted things and can't be bothered to start now).

The thing that surprised me was finding how many stars I'd given them in 2009.
Like, League if Extraordinary Gentlemen was four stars?
But with that conceit there's so many better ways they could have taken it.
Instead everything is messy death and sexual assault and it's boring.

The Batman books where he's actually a vampire aren't much interesting either. It's all gross body parts and internal organs, and a sexy lady who dies tragic to inspire him. Soooooooo bored.

Arkham Asylum I'm just kind of done with. I mean, I can see it has good aspects, I'm just... not interested.

The one with three halloween specials in wasn't bad or anything, it just wasn't especially good, and someone else may appreciate it more. Also, if a story has Barbara Gordon, I don't particularly need it to be about her being kidnapped by a madman. Mad Hatter isn't very interesting.

And I'm kind of fed up of Batman beating up on mentally ill people while being sad about his mum and dad and wondering if he is crazy. I mean, that story is done, I have read that story, and now I realise the whole longbox full of that story is just... unappealing.

The only one I actually kept so far has Tim as Robin. Also it is about Batman choosing justice instead of letting the Joker be executed, so that's proper Batman that is. 'I don't have to save you' can go hang. I liked how everyone else was all wtf saving joker but Tim totally got it. Batman has a family and they get him.

That was what was missing from all the others. Lone dark knight gets all screwed up, he needs a Robin.

Next up I get to decide if I need to reread Watchmen when I know both that I'm keeping it and that after... everything, after years and all the wrong lessons and the reader me changing, it won't be Watchmen. Not like reading it the first time.
Think I'm going to read it and hope it matures instead of going skinny.
Don't know yet though.

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