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Things from Legends of Tomorrow season one I’d like to play through:

Mick and Len managed to change their own timelines by talking to their younger selves, they were just insulated from the effects by the timestream, becoming fragments without noticing. Mick told himself to be better, and he was, but that took him on a path with no juvie, hence no Snart. Len told himself to not let anyone hurt him, and with that goal he grew up even colder, especially with no Mick to thaw and balance him. So we get supervillain Captain Cold, but darker.

So how does Kronos, widower, react to all that? Because hallelujah, Len’s alive, except with a timeline diverging that early is he really? And would he even think that it’s a lack of his own presence that left Len unable to reach out for lack of ever warming up to people? And if he goes back and fixes it, he yanks his reformed self off track and still lacks a Len of his own, but if he leaves things to stand and tries to pick up in 2016… a Len who never learned about allies would have had Family work out very different. Finding a best path through would involve Mick seeing value in both himself and the concept of team, and then teaching Len again.

Is so frustrating coming to canon only when there’s already all this new stuff.

I’m not done chewing what I already seen, yet I’m stuck feeling repetitive because already so much fic when I wasn’t looking.

What if Snart got hit by the STAR labs explosion and developed superpowers, they just weren’t on theme so he refused to use them?

… dude was wearing a tank of liquid nitrogen first we met him, he already had a theme.

Or, he has powers but they’re subtle things, like maybe explaining his ability to notice someone watching him from behind a couple of floors away in a crowded museum. Or something to do with timing. Making it even easier to turn him into a temporal super with no strings.

Would he keep calling himself Cold if he got a temporal powerset?

He could get a couples name with Chronos.

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