beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Dream: Quarantine

I dreamed I was on the Waverider and in the interests of saving as many lives as we could we filled our cargo hold with temporal natives and instituted a quarantine.
So far so good. I yelled at them, give it two weeks or more data about the incubation time of the plague that just got released, then we'll have you back to your lives.

But unlike a bomb, a plague release does absolutely nothing visibly
so they just got bolshy.
I checked the doors were all sealed. I checked repeatedly.
And then I found they'd bloody knocked a hole through the wall and were nipping out to feed their cows.
And great, they have a commitment to animals in their care, and an understanding of why the horsemen ride together, because not tending the food supply has consequences.
But, on the other hand,
bloody arsehole farmers had killed us all.

The weight of resentment and despair I woke up with I wouldn't wish on anyone.

And anger. Mustn't forget that.

People who break quarantine though: fuck those guys.

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Tags: dreams
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