beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Today did not work

I thought it was going to be Board Games Night, but when I got there they had decided to do board games at the previous meeting, which they had not told me existed at all, and tonight was Watch Ghostbusters. The old one with guys in. And it was going to cost a money.
So I didn't stay to do that.
It was annoying though, because they said they must not have my contact details, but they did because they texted me a month ago about the meeting then. So they just... hadn't sent a text. And had changed the plan. Without saying so. Which happens, and if they'd just said oops I wouldn't be annoyed much, but they didn't, so I have grumbly instead.
If they'd said in advance it was Watch A DVD then I'd have gone to dancing instead. Dancing is more interesting and reliable.

So then we did long shopping instead. ASDA had a nice duvet cover that will match my walls when I get the wallpaper done. Sainsburys didn't have stuff I wanted so much but it did let me order some for next week.

So now I'm done, and grumbly, but I have foods to eat so that'll be okay.

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