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My new shelving is capacious :-D

I have reshelved all my DVDs
I still have space.

I have spaces! On shelves! That take up roughly the same floor space as 2/3 of the old shelving, which was jam packed to the point I got rid of a couple feet of DVDs and still didn't have room.
I now have spare space! Because it turns out that custom made shelves that go all the way up are actually super efficient.

One shelf? Can fit ALL of Stargate SG1 on it! All the seasons! There are ten seasons and they fit on one horizontal shelf. Well, if you slide the three movies on top, but near enough.

I have gaps near seasons of shows that I haven't finished buying. I have gaps near ongoing series. I have a whole huge gap where Star Trek the Original Series belongs, and a little gap for Beyond. And probably room for the new stuff as it happens. Even without selling the weird clamshell DS9 and getting smaller box sets.

I have one shelf for DC and one shelf for Marvel, both with room to grow.

The subtitled martial arts movies have half a shelf of their own with half a shelf of empty next to them, in case I find any more or figure out which ones to order online.

The top shelf is for films I wouldn't watch with my brother, which means thus far all the 15s, all the 18s, and a short section at the end of things that are kind of actively bad but star someone I was collecting.

My Doctor Who collection is all in broadcast order and has room to grow once I finish filling in the gaps (which I always think I've already filled but gaps are mysterious that way).

Everything in the To Watch shelf (which is a little mobile shelf that is super handy to have around) already has a designated place on my shelves.

I actually have Enough Shelves!

:-D :-D :-D

... okay, that's more happy burbling than I tend to do about anything short of meeting stars, but, shelves! Worth every penny, and the wait. And they were a pretty penny, but, they're properly constructed and actual wood and a matching color and fit the corner and fit all my DVDs on them with room to grow.

*happy dance*

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