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DVD shelves :-)

My new shelves are here and installed
or whatever they call it when they put lots of screws in so they'll stay put.
They don't snug up to the wall the way they're meant to but they seem all square so probably it's the wall as isn't.
Which is mildly worrying
but fiiiiiine.

I thought I would get just two bookcases but these screw together to be a corner and have a fancy couple shelves on top that are corner shaped so nothing will fall down the corner
(though lets face it, something always falls down the corner.)

To install them the guy brought them in, moved literally every piece of furniture that is not the piano, even the one I said would break, and now it is wobblier I think but he thinks it needs a shim under a leg but I think the legs stay put and it's just wobblier in itself.
I think he did this in the wrong sequence because I said I could move the furniture and I meant 'into the other room if necessary' but no first he boxed us in then he wedged the door closed and then he started playing tetris with the shelves
because to put them together he had to stand behind them in a corner they are precisely measured to fit with no gaps
which, funnily enough, doesn't work.
So he had to make the corner A LOT bigger.

His job is clearly difficult.

Also, he put his power tools on my recliner, which didn't turn into a disaster, but clearly could have.

The shelves look plenty good though.
I have wiped them for dust and shortly will get one of the dusters and wipe them again, if I can find a duster.

Eventually I will put DVDs on them and then they will be DVD coloured, but at the moment, they are nice wood shelves that match my nice new furniture, and I'm just going to bask for a while in having Actual Proper Grown Up Furniture.

It did take a bunch of months though, so I don't know if I'll do it again the same.

Still: two metres tall in 8 layers shelves achieved

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