beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I get frustrated when people blur actor and character lines
even when I know *canon* in fact does exactly that
and I do too with other characters.

Not helpful.

I guess it's partly because that way instead of a finite canon I now know
there's a whole lifetime of layered interlocking intertextual references
with an actor or two underneath.

I mean sometimes you know for certain the only reason a character has a wedding ring is that actor never takes theirs off
only if you're in the habit of reading interviews and behind the scenes stuff
and if you're actually just reading a text *as* that text then you still need a watsonian explanation.

But sometimes it's a habit among fans of reading a certain pair of actors as brothers
because that's what they were in that one famous thing.
And I know canon makes one say it isn't their first Prison Break and that is meant to be funny because show
but the line still makes perfect sense in context and in character
so the thing where I've actually had someone earnestly explain to me that I need to watch Prison Break to understand them and their dynamic is just
don't wanna
certainly don't haveta.

... but it might explain a relative dearth of shippers when the characters are on occasion So Married.
... or not, I mean, fandom and brothers can be... nope.

... actually one reason I don't want to watch stuff where their lookalikes are brothers is cause I ship them now so it would be weird.
... my line for Weird is maybe in a weird place.

It also vaguely bothers me when I can't see a pairing in canon
but then there's posts of the actors together in the tag
and, well, yeah... I see ...
and have you noticed how many actors have a sort of personal definition of personal space?
like, probably there are other people who are cuddly and snuggly and drape themselves all over their co workers
but from here
I just blink
and think

... or else feel guilty kind of low key rp shipping them.

but shipping the characters just because the actors get along seems weird.

though you know you can end up shipping characters who never meet, and possibly are in different universes with no possibility of source canon xover, so not all that weird.

back in attempting to read canon land
you know the interaction between star image and characters they're cast as is frequently intentional on the creator side
I know I read Rip Hunter slightly inflected with Rory Williams because Arthur Darvill
and that may be why it was a surprise so many people don't like him
because I've met one of him and seen another and he seems nice
oh yeah
different guy now.

So it's just sorting and prioritising different elements of readings.

But I still get weirdly frustrated
when other people blur lines
I don't.

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