beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

It is somewhere between weird and creepy how often people get my age wrong.
I mean, our current social obsession with youth suggests it ought to be flattering
but really
when do I graduate from being referred to as a Young Woman?

And I'm not complaining about a couple of years misapprehension, I mean I'm nearly 40 and people keep guessing me in my twenties.

I went to my twenty year high school reunion, and that wasn't even this year.
I stopped using hair dye and styled my hair specifically to show my nice silver shinies.
And yet, still young.

Especially in the context of employing someone because disability.
It's like if we need assistance we're permanently at the kids table.

It's weirdly wearying to remind people of my actual age.

And, granted, I spent half a decade being twenty nine again, but I got ober that before even meeting the latest round of people.


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Tags: disability
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