beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Dancing day

I did Bollywood Sparkles dancing and did not have to have a sit down except when it was sitting down time

Then we did ASDA shoppings and the Five Alive was in stock, so I have twelve as intended
And Sainsburys shoppings worked too, because the food I ordered was indeed there, so I have apple thing to eat again :-D
Plus I maybe found a trousers. Trousers are difficult so I bought them but I'm not sure. They say Short because Regular went on the floor but I don't know if Short will be too short. I can take them back later if they don't work. But they're grey on grey pinstripe in an acceptable texture and autumn/winter weight, so they're pretty promising so far.

Pretty good day.
And plans for next week were made also :-)

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Tags: dances, shopping
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