beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Alphabetising is more fiddly than you'd think

I have been trying to get my books into alphabetical order.
I know it's not going to work properly until I can unpack the boxes, which I can't do until I can reshelve the DVDs, which I can't do until the new shelving is delivered
which hopefully should be next week, if I remember what the shelf guy just said correctly.
He was just now here to borrow a drawer so he can try and match color
though it won't be exact, because different and much cheaper wood.
well it'll be DVD colored by the time I've put them all in.
... getting the drawer out he pulled the drawer beneath and grabbed a chunk of CDs. 'It don't matter if I muddle them up, does it?' ... yes, yes it does, rather. There are several hundred CDs, and they're all in order. Why... why did you do that... *sigh*
... he actually put them back in order though, so that's okay.
Books though... each individual bookcase is more or less getting to be in alphabetical order
the collection as a whole definitely is not.
Not enough shelves, many books still boxed, discovered Brooks hiding behind Pratchett.

The Pratchett collection is a distinct problem al its own, since I got it in hardback since... long and long and long ago. I need several meters more hardback shelving than I currently have, I suspect. Or to rearrange the adjustable shelves in the bedroom, but that means taking all the books off them first, and that means putting them somewhere, and I'm quite out of floor space until the DVDs are back vertical.

Also so many of these books I've never read, so I just keep finding myself resenting the shelf inches, whilst trying to fit everything in. I should read them and save space. Except last time I set out to do that so many of them in a row were nasty that I went off reading for a while.

I need to get the dust out more effectively. I've wiped and dusted with the whatsit, but the back of my throat is reacting to several summers long gone. Books are darling little dust traps *sigh*.

This keyboard that came with this new tablet computer does weird things. Jumps, selects stuff I didn't mean to, helpful stuff like that. I think it's acting as if I've tapped the trackpad, but I've been being careful of my hands and don't think I have. It's a pain in the neck if I want to get anything done though. Still, I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Cleaner day happened, Vacuum Floor is still in theoretical progress, and my week is just... so exciting.

Ah well, onward.

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