beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

today i read 150k words of fanfic
described as a no powers regency au set in the modern day with a whole alternate kinship system
starring two characters I don't fancy, one of them wildly ooc or, possibly, misnamed
and ending with the other getting a serious head injury which put him in a coma and led to long term issues he maybe might recover from
but, like, as a happy ending? because they're pretty much working out their marriage issues? though partly by the middle class one realising why the upper class one truly deserves all those privileges after all, which, let me tell you, is not politically how i would go
and at no point did it do squat to deal with the systemic inequality or family abuses it set up
so that was frustrating.
and yet, it was, like, good? i liked reading it? even if i did have to recast the sex scenes to avoid just skipping them.

fanfic plays with all these tropes that just, like, get you in the id
its power is truly awesome.

... so now I'm wondering if I should just stop worrying about not knowing the fandom and go looking for AUs with a lot of kudos.
... that... that could go so very poorly...

... I should just go back to reading Avengers fic for all my older science billionaire who looks after everyone needs.

Is frustrating though that so few people / Captain Cold and Heatwave that I've already read all the fic. Well, all above a thousand words. And it gets really repetitive down there of post episode reactions where someone says sorry and then there was sex. I mean I get the appeal but where's the whole yearning having arc come on
i just read 150k and they had sex like two, three times in any detail, there's other things to write about.

also frustrating is how quiet it has gone around here. LJ is dead except a couple of author blogs and some newsletters, DW is not exactly jumping. And tumblr is full of gifs and reblogs, which, not exactly complaining given that's my tumblr too, but does no one else obsessively overanalyse things any more?

maybe if i actually write fic some people will find me?

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