beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

two! two doctor who audios. 199 & 200 i think.
i think the plot bits were kind of clever, and the meddling monk putting the boot in to history is fun, but they were both kind of boring. I think probably because these doctors and these companions dont especially fit together, though the idea of six getting in a fistfight with Jamie is growing on me so it might be more that i'm in a flat mood. Steven and ... vicki maybe? oh dear i'm not even sure... well i've not watched all of the first two doctors even compared to how much survived, so these are two new people from where i'm standing, and i just didn't feel particularly involved, especially when they ended up possessed and out of character anyway.
but the basic idea of swapping five, six, and seven out with one, two and three, to show how much and how little they change, that seems solid, so i want to have liked these ones more.

probably it's just me being bored and wanting more of the new shiny not the old usually reliable.

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