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Ugh. Dream? What?

I had what started as a basic book hoarding dream (books I brought to give away secretly the best books after all, searching endlessly through piles of books for best books to keep but people keep taking them away, oh no books stored inappropriately under the sink must unpack them all and stack them somewhere else but it's all clown car down there)
which was clearly set in a mirrorverse because Simon Pegg was a jerk and poured his drink on my brother in such a way it splashed on the books (... because people might find reason to pour drinks on that brother but there's no need to involve perfectly innocent books)
and then suddenly
alien xenomorph arse biter
with secret ovipositor inner jaws
and sudden alien parasite pregnancy.
but then the dream went back to theme
so the entire moral future of the next generation of arse biter alien parasites
depended on me finding the perfectly perfect book.


... giant stacks of books in racks, none in mint condition, going through them for the exactly right Doctor Who or the best science fiction, because moral lessons for aliens probably aren't going to be in the standard children's section.
... I mean: How To Parasite - ASK FIRST! ... it's hardly likely to be the basic lesson for a kid's book.

So now I'm exhausted
still wondering where that perfect book has gone.

It was quite a pretty sort of parasite alien baby, more of a stingray than a coconut crab, and its parent was a perfectly reasonable looking lady until the whole jaws thing started to happen. I can't remember which one of them was called Alice. Pretty good name for an alien either way.

... you know, I can't remember the last time I read a book where the solution to the alien conflict was to find the right book. Hmmm, Duane's Interim Errantry had find the right story. That would work better, you wouldn't have to crawl through so many inconveniently stacked ancient tomes. Well, no, there's a lot of ancient tomes sections in stories, usually horror, including that collapsing library bit in The Mummy. Vintage tomes, though, that's a new one on me. ... the 50s were a long time ago, but they're probably only vintage tomes by now. Still.

... I have too many books and yet I get anxiety dreams like this if I even vaguely think about having slightly less than too many books. :eyeroll:

... well, like this, but with less biting.

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