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Legends of tomorrow

The more I think about it the more I think the 2016 the Legends crew arrived back in was not the same one as they'd left, even without figuring out if Vandal Savage met final death in 1958 or 2021.

It's easy to read it as a set of closed loop self fulfilling prophecies, but
they only showed consequences with Savage, and the changes to him were the desired point.
Chaos says the predictable changes are never the only ones.

So, what if, instead of only teaching Savage about time travel, they showed a bunch of other people on the bounce?
1975 let the cat out of the bag to Savage, but Damien Darhk also attended that event, yesno?
And 1958-60 showed Ra's al Ghul. The League might be traditionalists but the man would know advantage when he sees it.
And did Sara really tell him nothing we didn't see, even when we know League training involves drugs and brainwashing?

Differences damp out across generations when the information flow is interrupted
but memory is something else.

If the Legends told three near immortal supervillains about time travel, then blew up the only thing watching out for what they do with the knowledge...

2016 could be very different than the one they left.

But that would mean Mick's last comversation with Len was with a version of the guy he didn't know.

As should Flashpoint, but I still haven't seen that episode and still haven't figured out how to.

It's frustrating with Dvds only having a couple of weeks to discover and chew over existing canon before new stuff Josses everything.

No point writing fic exploring clever theories of seasons past.

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