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Dancing is difficult

Or a bit difficult, anyway. Today my back was hurting when I did one specific sort of twist move. It worked okay, just, not optimal.
And the shuffle jumps make me nauseous and dizzy, which is unhelpful, and then I have to have a sit down, and today wasn't the usual place so there was only one chair, and my employee had to keep getting out the chair so I could sit down until I felt more well.
But I still like dancing. When it works. Which is tricky.

They also did a stick dance today, which looks like more fun because going round in circles with sticks going CLACK. But that dance lesson is on Wednesday so I'd have to decide between that and talking about science fiction, and generally I choose talking about science fiction over anything, so.

ASDA click and collect only kinda worked, because even with a week's notice they only had 8 of my chosen juice, and one Ribena but by the time we got that home the lid was missing so it won't pour right or reseal. The silver seal held though so no sploosh. I think it got squashed when we stopped for the car stopping for the cat. That was a bit abrupt.

Sainsburys didn't have my chosen food but explained its because it's a one day food so they reduce the price at 5pm so they'll never have it by 9pm. But I can order one for next week. So I did that. That'll be good, hopefully, if I chose the right thing. And then that will work every week if it works at all. Improvement. The pasta twists however just didn't be there. *sigh* I have four left but I've been eating one every day so four is not optimal.

I took the books back to the library book drop. Library was closed but that'll still count okay. I didn't ever read them, just failed at Go To Library a lot.

I got the information I needed to set up another thing (Thursday afternoons maybe work)
And tried to set up a shoppings in next week, which only maybe might work, but might is better than nothing. I need to go to the shops and stare at washer dryers. Soon. They're tricky.

That's six tasks achieved since six pm. Including an hour of dancing. And talking to people in shops.

Guess I'm winning.

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