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The Flash Heatwave and Cold first two of their eps

Have finished transcript of second Rogues episode, Heatwave's intro.
I should not do this at two in the morning, I nearly saved over it with a blank document, that would be sommuch work fone poof. I'd blame it on new and fiddly programs but honestly i was just tired enough to muddle.

Cold and Heatwave together are fascinating. And the way they act different in front of a (Watsonian) audience is also fascinating. Like Mick being *super* creepy with Caitlin and about his scars... but to do that it's the first time in the episode and the first time in that base that he's taken his shirt off. Which, Doylist reading, cheapest way to only do scar makeup that once plus maximum impact on audience. But potential Watsonian reading, Mick is freaking her out on purpose for funsies. Still super creepy but in a different way. And again when they're arrested, Mick goes ballistic and growls and acts like he's going to try and bite the gun ... getting everyone's attention while Cold looks around at everything. So maybe he is just that mad, to contrast Snart, but then again, maybe it's Mick scenery chewing as part of a cooperative schtick. When they're alone again in the prison van Mick has every reason to be angry, and he is... quietly, intensely, voice mostly growl. It's private now and he seems perfectly in control. So some of the difficulties in characterisation between wild man here and crewmate later could be smoothed out if audience matters.

Len never takes notice of Mick's growl unless fire is involved. There's a particular bark to how he says his name when there's a flame lit. Says like it's not the first time, has to keep in saying it. Mick and fire is a serious distraction problem. And when he's offering to burn Caitlin, Cold uses that same voice. So Mick is indeed treated like a scary guy even by Len... if something is burning. The rest of the time his growl is answered cool and smooth, Cold not even looking up, if he has a plan.

All evidence is that Cold seldom shares the whole plan with Mick. And that winds him right up. Which seems fair.

When they're aiming guns at each other in 'give me one good reason not to kill you', the guns aren't fully lit up. When they're ready to fire they burn. In that scene they never do. Also Cold puts his gun up first and takes a breath - his turn to back down and cool down.

When he offers Mick the painting and a way out, same like when he asks in or out at end of first appearance, he isn't aiming at Mick. Which is entirely unlike his reaction to his crew trying to get out that first time, when he flat out killed the first and promised to kill the other two later. Killing his guy didn't bother him and barely interrupted him. Having a gun to his head didn't give him much pause. Life and death stuff doesn't much bother him. But Mick winds him the hell ip, and then he gives him the most leeway anyway.

Mick and Len are dangerous to each other, both practically and symbolically.

Mick is most obvious - he set the painting on fire, burned Fire and Ice, both of them. In an episode where Caitlin Snow is chasing after Firestorm, putting herself in harm's way with these two, that seems to be all foreboding for her story too. Also, on the bounce, makes the clearest comparators a romantic relationship going through a separation because one of them caught fire. ... sometimes I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing without the slash goggles, you know? But Mick endangers both of them with his burning things thing. So why does Len go out of his way to keep him around?

Mick is a hundred percent right about Len's obsession changing his style. Dotting the t's and crossing the i's can sound stupid or mocking, depending on reading. But Len starts by counting seconds and then just... drops it. Until he's fought the Flash and is being brought in, and then his fingers are tapping and he goes back to acting Cold, while the next plan kicks in. In between he's just so gleeful about the fight... and he doesn't stop grinning as Eddie arrests him. Really, using the Cold gun doesn't quite do that for him, but the Flash does. ... they have a Thing and it's already winding up Mick. So why does Mick stick around?

Everyone Len worked with in the first episode either pointed a gun at him or got killed by him. Nasty backstabby world he lives in. But not Mick. He listens, even if he's not clued in, and sometimes even when there's flame. If that's the steadiest partner they've got, that's something.

But the guys who ran out on Cold in his first appearance said Central wasn't his playground anymore (snd he said sure it is). When he's making the pitch to Mick - take the painting and be rich, or stay with me - Len says home. If you want Central City to be our home.

So I figure that's why they stick together and go the extra effort to make it work. To be home.

And sure, that doesn't have to be romantic, the plot strand about living together has one set for Iris and Eddie and another for Barry moving back in with Joe, but the ones who talk about if they have an argument they'll have to workmit out because home is you? Romance.

Doomed romance to be specific.


So I know that those thus inclined have read it and written it this way for years by now, but I only just got the Dvds and am in full on overanalyse my faves mode for my shiny new fandom.

partly to distract myself from not yet being able to see shiny new canon when everyone else will.

Nut these guys are such a trainwreck of an otp.

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