beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

i am baffled by how shippers with het goggles read scenes sometimes
i mean in tumblr there's a snart/sara blog with pretty gif sets but they seem to think they're proving their ship when they are thus far literally always talking about Mick.
i mean, this is why i felt the ship came out of nowhere, like he spends all the time talking about his partner and oop then there's kissing a girl.
and one gifset to make it look like it was their favoured two they had to crop it half way and cut Mick out??
i'm just puzzled by the thought process there.
ot3 is among the options, really

in other news I have now started caring about Wentworth Miller
like, actively
which obviously yaay caring
but if you're me this involves adding a track to the anxiety chorus
a new line of I Hope He's Okay, mental health edition
so that's a thing.

sometimes it's upsetting that we can't just wrap everybody in blankets and feed them and keep them where we can see them.

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