beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I did a transcript for Flash episode Going Rogue
used WordPad because the new tablet doesn't have much
and now I try to paste it into Dreamwidth it loses all the formatting, which for a script ish thing is a lot of data

is it because WordPad? Dreamwidth? Me not using the right buttons?

is going to be frustrating if I have to do all that again.

I should leave it until morning and read through for typos anyway

but that took aaaages.

is interesting though, they do stuff with light to make sure we don't get Captain Cold's reactions, and how he is in the last scene with Mick is actually different than the episode before it, not just ship goggles different but different body language and eye contact. he's had goggles much of the episode but he usually looks at things steady, and Mick he can't seem to keep looking at, even if the corner he looks at instead has nothing in.

yes, I'm up to the 'overanalysing fifteen seconds of episode' stage of my fannishness

what is my brain

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Tags: dcu, rogues, the flash
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