beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

today did not work very well

got a grand total of four hours sleep. starting at about 0900.

went to dancing anyways.
felt nausea and got dizzy in the spinny parts and had to have a sit down a bunch.

went to shoppings.
juice shop no has my juice, apple lattice shop no has my apple pastries.

now I am home.

so on the plus side nothing big bad happened, but on the minus side the good things did not work.

also if I feel like this tomorrow it is not much point trying to have an Expedition. So we get to find out in the morning if any sleep has been achieved or if I still feel ill. and I can cancel if I feel unwell. but I don't want to. because I want to feel well enough to be excited about going to the museum like I planned for months.


but now I'm home, so that part is working fiiiiiine.

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Tags: dances, shopping
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