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Have been doing a transcript for The Flash
Is difficult to transcribe fight scenes without noticing it's basically one guy walking ominously while everyone else runs yet fails to catch up. I mean, he's not a speedster, he's just, you know, a guy, walking. Once you notice that the tension is kind of blown.
Snart gets the full ominous villain treatment with the shadows and silhouettes and the swish coat and mostly wearing the goggles instead of having feelings. We don't know how he responds to freezing that one guy because we just get super extra closeup on the goggles.

writing this down takes ridiculous amounts of minutes.

It's season one, years old, I figured someone would have done transcripts already, but the only ones I could find are just all the spoken words, not even saying who said them or nothing.
So I'm sitting here with the intention of doing the Rogues episodes, and remembering how long this flipping takes. Possibly only one then.

My tablet computer doesn't get along with habitica at all, which is confusing, since it's the same page in the same browser as works fine on this computer. difference in windows version?

I don't know what I should give myself points for with the transcripts. Like, it's not Write 1000 words, but it's a whole bunch of time and writing, so I keep figuring near enough, except then I don't actually write.

At this rate I shall be writing detailed meta about Captain Cold real soon now though.

... yeah, that's... that's taking some adjustment...

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