beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

unfortunate food

quorn tikka masala is not good to eat
tastes of nothing much, makes everything colors, makes me feel ill
and i didn't even finish it.

today i pretty much did cleaner day, more or less, and... had sleep cycle fail? yeah that was all really. not impressive.

i just watched the start of aome movie with frankensteins monster and gargoyles and it was just so completely bad that after the first ten minutes i was staring in plain bafflement. how did this get made? why is it the film four nine pm movie? did no one at any point realise that story traditionally involves plot and characters? how did anyone think it made sense to have an aeons old war between demons and gargoyles where demons could just walk in to holy ground and kill everyone in a night? how would that last any time in the first place?

so now of course i'm plotting a far superior version.
it involves golems of both flesh and stone varieties and probably the rise of AI and how differently a modern would see golem rights after Star Trek, just to make the time skip to the modern era make any kind of thematic or visual sense at all.

... mutter grumble grump...

in other news i have read all the fanfic and no one seems to see the characters quite as i do.

also thping on this tablet is too annoying, yet i don't spare the seconds to plug it into its keyboard.

sense, i makes it :eyeroll:

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Tags: food
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