beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

went to dancings
did a shoppings
ASDA click and collect drive through functioned correctly, but Sainsburys shopping at this time of night is not so much useful, things have been ate that I wanted.

feeling kind of flat. It's a better flat than there was before dancing and shopping was achieved, but still, flat. I think its because if this routine keeps up I have fixed things that I know how to fix, but life is still sort of ... needing fixing. somehow. if I can think of a way.

like, dancing is nice, but it's not world changing or anything.
and I still need to figure out What To Do Next For The Rest Of My Life.
which is a lot of figuring.

still, routine is very nearly established as planned.

and next week's plan for an Expedition to the British Museum is in place too.

so this week achieved and next week looking good.

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Tags: dances, shopping
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