beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

today kind of didn't happen
like, I woke up and was Brave and went to get my blood taken all on my own and didn't faint
so that was sufficient task for one day
but then I went back to bed
so then it was now.

I can now check tumblr from my tablet computer in bed though, so I didn't sleep, like, 100% of the time. or any useful percent really. just kept dozing off enough to tangle myself in pretzel shapes or curl up in a really small ball and then wake myself up with the discomfort.

did dream of being driven in a getaway car by (DC Legends) Mick & Len. Who had carjacked Mark Hamill on accident. And then we were dodging sheep. Bantha sized sheep. and then when we finally parked Len propositioned me but involving that one really specific kink I'd never thought about before so, mostly blinky in response. So that was... *blinks*

things I could usefully have done today involved getting together quiz questions for the pub tonight.
not that I'm enthusiastic about either the pub or the sci fi quiz.
but I'm going, because I only get so many opportunities to talk to humans at all.

so. shall go eat and get ready to go.

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Tags: dreams, health
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