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Flash, Legends, and Captain Cold

Am on season 2 disc 2 of The Flash
and the subtitles for the deleted scene from episode... 5? The first one on the disc. The subs are completely unrelated. Actually might be from season 1. so, you know, slight error.
so I'm writing this here and vaguely wondering where one would report a slight error of subtitle.

In other news, I have it bad for Captain freaking Cold. I keep on not paying attention because it is not a Captain Cold episode. FFS self, whyyyyyy... you know, aside from being the morally ambiguous criminal one with the twisty plans and deep yet conflicted history with someone who is clearly his other half yet canon refuses to acknowledge it, and the whole opposite sides of a line Thing he has with Barry that I suspect I would ship a lot if I could perceive Barry as anything other than Too Young.

... yeah, if I'd done any research, I could have predicted this.


so I might possibly have started reading all the Leonard Snart/Mick Rory fic on Ao3? and been really frustrated because there doesn't seem to be much of it over a few thousand words, it's down to 8K by the end of the first page, and that's even with Legends where they are in fact main characters with a complex emotional arc. I mean without that I'd not be surprised no one was ignoring everything to write villains much, but hey, shiny canon candy, why so few takers?


I might also, on the bounce, be getting ever more frustrated that an increasing majority of characters on TV in my chosen genres are younger than me. I mean, there's a range, but there's, like, Mentors, and then a whole splash of characters under thirty. It's nagging at me.

Also frustrating? Not Enough Women. Never enough women.

And the ship apparently referred to as Captain Canary, which seemed out of nowhere to me because I forgot my het goggles where they were talking to each other so clearly, that frustrates me because age gap much? But there's no women around who are not age gap much. and what is even with that?

I'm remembering stuff I liked about Agents of Shield basically. Even though I stopped watching that. May existed. That was cool. I miss her.

I'm probably going to watch Legends of Tomorrow again when I finish watching this Flash season, at which point it will actually be in the right order. I'm sure that'll be fun.
... yes, watching it twice in a row, I have found my shiny.

The thing is though when you watch with the assumption that everyone is (at least potentially) bisexual there are storylines that are just... I don't know if they wrote them that way on purpose and if they did that's kind of annoying? Like when Leonard was standing between Sara and Mick and said it was time to choose and chose Sara's side. Like if that's meant to be romantic with her and not him, that's one story, but if it's romantic with both it's another, and I have seen it, and it can sod off. Choose the guy! But then he more or less did, but with tragedy and all. So, you know, not awesome at all. If you read them as queer. Which I find it difficult not to.

But probably it wasn't meant to be a romance choice at all, just a choice about backstabbing and team and so forth.

And the more Rory focused fic I read the more it's really clear that Rip Hunter recruited him really, really well... for team Not Rip. I mean, he's giving them the Legends speech at the start, and showing them the Horrible Future they could make sure won't happen, and what is it? Fire. He's showing Rory that everything will burn if he doesn't stop it. And then, he keeps splitting Snart and Rory up, and treating Mick like his personal muscle, and saying he'll be able to use his gun and then actually no he doesn't get to use his gun, and generally jerking him around. And then he says to his face he doesn't want him, while challenging him to think his way out. Which he does. Which... goes like it goes. And really, it's all perfectly reasonable if Rip is a self centered jerk, or rather if he's so wrapped in his pain and his need for revenge that he hasn't seen these people as people. But it's great seeing the writing force them apart step by step. And then sorting it out again. And making us care enough that ending works. It's a great dance. It just reads different if you assume that on the one hand Rip is assuring Martin that he wouldn't save his own marriage at the expense of Clarissa, but on the other he's systematically pulling Len and Mick apart. I mean, that's... a thing. If you read it queer as I reflexively did from the start.

Things I would fix next season: Add more women to the crew and have Sara date one for an actual proper canon we see it every week this relationship matters she's not trying to kill herself to get out of it actual facts queer relationship. Please. Where nobody dies. Or gets mindwiped. Or is otherwise tragic. They can even break up, everyone breaks up on these shows, the churn is where they get most of their drama, it's really annoying and part of why I liked the idea of people who'd known each other 30 years. But just treat f/f relationships... I typoed that as realationships, which, you know, that's what I want, f/f to be just as real and welcome as anything else, and not a throwaway joke or a one off girl kiss every time. And Sara's emotional arc where she was having none feelings and then some feelings because kissing, that works just fine, but if it doesn't then go to an actual happy f/f relationship, that's not fine.

Even better would be, now Nyssa has freed everyone including herself from the League, Sara goes to pick her up. Doesn't work for skillsets because unnecessary doubling, works for relationships.

For skillsets, maybe they need a thief who can plan, so maybe they go get the other Snart?

But pretty often the writers don't think they've set up the tensions that I want to see paid off, so they never go anywhere, and I'm tired of that.

And that turned into a big ramble about legends even though I'm between two episodes of Flash.
Clearly this show has my attention.
... if I look up which episodes have Cold in them I'm going to be tempted to skip, and that won't help at all.
... *sigh*
*looks up*
... only one more episode. boo.
... but the actor thinks the character is pansexual, so, there's that...

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