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I went dancing again and didn't crash into anyone and only mildly hurt myself!
... okay, so, it was not optimal today.
The teacher decided the hall was Far Too Hot, and she indeed had a point, but that meant trying to teach us outside. Nice smooth dancing floor is MUCH better than trying to dance on two different textures of asphalt and concrete. it kept trying to grab my feet, and one time I found a twig with my foot, and it was Not Good. I only a little hurt my knee but I am displeased at the conditions that led to it. Also it got dark and it's stupid trying to dance in the dark when you're trying to see the teacher and the floor isn't smooth.
So I got grumpy, and then I was grumpy I was grumpy, because dancing isn't supposed to make me grumpy, so then there was a grumpiness spiral.
But it wore off on the way home, so now I'm feeling :-) again.

Also I might at some point learn this dance? It's quite difficult being new when the dance isn't, but I might at least get the hands part.

Then we went to ASDA for my juice, but it turns out that someone else bought it. The guy we asked was chatty and informative about why there was not juice. His beep machine said that it only sells one or two a day usually, but then someone bought a whole case today. Usually that's me. So maybe there's someone else annoyed that I keep buying their juice?
I think I shall try to Click and Collect it next week. If we're going a regular schedule I can try that.

But I found a Captain Marvel figure in the toys section :-) Actually my employee found there was a girl looking one while I was still checking the shelves higher up for any female character at all at all. None except Captain Marvel, but three of her, so I have one now.

Sainsburys was better, though they didn't have my apple lattice pastries either. Which is better for my waistline, but not smile making. They did have excellent new shirts so I have a shirt of many colors for autumn now. I wanted trousers, because it will soon not be summer trouser weather, but did not find any today. I did find both seasons of The Flash that I wanted, season 2 of the current one and the set of the 90s one. So I have many things to watch.

And I can do all this again next week. Freedom is grand.

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