beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

started watching Arrow season 4, 4 episodes in

yes I know I don't actually like Arrow
too dark
so I set my expectations low


this is ablist as fuck and really, seriously, pissing me off

they're keeping her
chained up
in the dark
in the basement
the concrete, cold, empty basement

I kind of want to punch everybody.

yes including the writers. I do not punch writers. but ffs what were they even thinking?

I mean, this isn't a fantasy situation, this isn't some distant realm where these are the only resources available.

Sara's been through a situation that left her brain dead, and now she has apparent neurological impairments, doesn't speak, and acts hella traumatised. And violent, but since she woke up she's been drugged unconscious and chained up and then chained up in a slightly different manner, I'm thinking the violence is logical. So they have someone who logically could be brain injured and definitely is traumatised and they're chaining her up in the basement. What rational person could do that to someone they care about and expect them to get better that way? And how are we supposed to respect anyone after they do that?

The whole 'mercy' killing thing her dad almost did makes me feel sick.

so the bad guy says she came back without a soul. so what?

from the information they had available, this isn't a fantasy gig, this is a straight up mentally ill person with possible brain damage, she should be in hospital.

a father looking at that girl and saying she's not his baby and trying to kill her?

what were the writers thinking?

I mean, I know this is the bad bit at the beginning, but from how they're treating it so far I seriously doubt there will be any phase where someone goes 'you know what, this is our sister, daughter, friend, even if she's been through shit and is maybe brain injured now'. And that's the only acceptable version. If they're going to do any version of the story that makes it acceptable to abuse her until she turns back into the person they expect, that's absolutely foul.

[ETA by end of first disc: Nope, they went the 'empty zombie monster' route instead, and then I'd forgotten the crossover with the character I don't watch, but they went to wherever her soul was being held captive and rescued her. So not only did they never have the possibility of accepting an injured person, they made her utterly helpless and dependent. Like, her spirit was helpless. That's not right. And she never made a choice about where to be or who to be. And I know Legends is pretty much all about those choices, but I mean, Arrow did this completely wrong. Ugh.]

The only reason I'm still watching this is the only reason I'm watching this at all, for backstory leading into Legends of Tomorrow. If I hadn't seen her in that, I would maybe be burning this.

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