beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

had a food, did a shopping, forgot my phone so I forgot my shopping list so I still need some stuff, but I'll be outside again tomorrow so that's fine.

We watched Captain America: Civil War.

My fictional feels got distracted by a thing that meant I missed the last twenty minutes and had to start them over when the others went home, so it sort of lost momentum.

I still don't get why the writers thought that was the important story. I mean, everyone was stupid and the law was broken, why is that all made of people having feelings and punching, where did the women go, ugh. While it does seem like an opportune time in the Avengers character arcs to do something about oversight and not setting themselves up as a private army, I don't see why that particular thing was the thing. Literally everyone has to be stupid and over emotional for it to work. Boring.

... okay, so I still have some feels, but. mostly.

I would like to watch stories of people learning to work together to make the world a better place. And sometimes they can talk things out. With words. Like grown ups. And then when they get in punching fights it is with bad guys because it turns out that only bad guys use their punching to express themselves and, funnily enough, hitting is a bad thing.

Tomorrow I shall go back to watching other things entirely, because the MCU is not the place to find these feels.

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