beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I am in a good mood today
and started following tumblrs from more fandoms
but so far ones that show up on the sides of the tumblr recommended, because it's still puzzling and weird about boundaries to actually go find fans on tumblr

I actually like two current ongoing shows!

Legends of Tomorrow

they're both fun to watch!

I was wondering if that was going to happen again, like, ever.

I liked quite a lot of Lost Girl but then got very annoyed with bits of it. But that was pretty good. But not ongoing by the time I got it.

And on my To Watch pile there's all of Leverage and two seasons of The Librarians, so that's a bit promising.

Also there's Dark Matter, which has been recommended to me by the guys at the pub, because there are women in it.

Lots of things to see and stuff I'm not annoyed with and shows I'm looking forward to.


I would also like to watch season 2 of Agent Carter, but it doesn't appear to be DVDs. How do you see it if it isn't DVDs? Okay so i know a bunch of answers but none that my equipment is set up for. stupid multi level no ease of access boo. maybe it is DVDs later?

But today I am feeling more cheerful about media.

Also last night I read the latest Tanya Huff book about Torin Kerr, space marine gunnery sergeant: An Ancient Peace. It was why I didn't go to sleep until four in the morning. Excellent book, proper amounts of whoosh and boom and funny that shouldn't be funny and horror and eventually hope.
The only problem with this series is that humans can only write so fast.

and next week I shall order more new books
and get to leave the house at least twice
life is pretty good :-)

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