beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Listened to Big Finish Audio: The Defectors
Didn't much like it
but my opinion of it may have been influenced by me trying to listen to it on the new computer and finding it acting up cranky if I try to listen and look at the web at the same time
so then I was poking settings wondering what up with that
and wondering if I need to use one of the other bits of software
and just generally getting cranky at things not staying the same forever.

But still, I once again have a setup that lets me listen to Big Finish without cracking open the CD case and turning on at least two big whatsits in the living room. Tablet in bed is much superior.

(Don't say my phone should have been able, I'm aware of the should, I just found buying a whole new device worked better than continuing to poke the phone to try and make it do the thing.)

My new headphones are not so much a success though. I mean, they're from poundland and I didn't expect success, but I spent half the time wondering if I'd gone deaf in my right ear, and the other half realising the pads were really itchy.

... add all that together and I really shouldn't express an opinion on the quality of what I was listening to.

... but I have in the past got annoyed with similar gimmicks, because if the Clue is that people are not acting like people, they actually just spend several episodes being really badly written people. Boooooooring.

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Tags: big finish audio, computer
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