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Legends of Tomorrow

I liked it.

Except I'm hoping they're still using comic book rules on death. And it's difficult reading something as heroic sacrifice when I thought the cold gun could just freeze the damn handle in place? Or, at worst, freeze Mick's arm and shatter it at a convenient height so he could leave it behind and run. I mean, they keep treating it like a light blast that knocks people back, except that one time he needed to make a daring escape he used it to shatter his hand (when maybe he could have shattered the railing, but whatev, they were being dramatic), but it freezes stuff, so he should be able to make a bunch of ice in place, right? But he didn't even try it or have a line to say why that wouldn't work, so it just... I'm sitting there calling him stupid instead of thinking yaay heroism.

... I tend to react that way to heroic sacrifice, it seldom seems optimal.

Also they kind of failed on the dismount as far as I could see. Like, the plot of the last episode made absolutely no sense. None. Calling it a crazy bad guy plan doesn't excuse how daft the good guys were being in response. It was ridiculous, time travel doesn't work that way even within this universe. And given the general wobbliness of 'rules' about time travel then that's saying something. Someone failed to think in four dimensions and it's really very annoying. And useless. I mean why would he need to... no, don't engage, it's just all made of daft.

The penultimate darkest before the dawn bit when it turned out they'd been building the future they feared all along, that was obvious from the start. I mean, Rip was a special kind of stupid, but it was plausible, pretty much, mostly. But making it because Time Masters have a thingy you can blow up to fix everything is the other kind of stupid, the deus ex sort. Boring. Like, if everything is based on humans making choices, that's interesting, but if it's based on handwave tech, that's super boring. They should need to show the Time Masters how they've been subverted by Savage, like he always does to people. They should need to show the Time Masters a better way, one that doesn't write people off by believing they're on set courses, one that won't keep on making the darkside 'hard' choices that leave the timeline in that corner in the first place. They should need to show the Time Masters that hey, a band of misfit heroes, bringing unlikely opposites together, that's the way to save time.

Instead they push a lever and things go boom.


... no this isn't me being bitter because I liked Snart. ... isn't just that. It's about what the point of the show should be.

I think they bobbled the last episode because that? That didn't payoff the parts I liked best. That was just boom stuff.

Wildly implausible boom stuff.

But okay. I liked watching the other 15 episodes, even the sad bits, mostly. And I look forward to the next season.

(Though as always it needs more women. 2/8 main cast is the usual rubbish. Needs. More. Women. And every other variety of diversity.)

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