beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Legends of Tomorrow

I have now watched the first four episodes
and discovered that having watched all the DVDs that I was aware were out already doesn't mean I've watched all the episodes that happen before this series. So that's helpful.

So far this is happy making. Everyone is a screw up and they keep screwing up and then they're going to all help each other and get better. This is an arc with many interests.

Also almost everyone is pretty, and it's much less weird fancying Snart when he's all ambiguous and must-save-team. (He and Mick make so much more sense as boyfriends though I feel there's not room there.)

... I feel like I should have more thoughts, but nope, it's all pretty-whoosh-boom and fighty-progress-yaay.

So I'm liking it so far :-)

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Tags: dcu, television
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