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Today I have mostly been reading Diane Duane ebooks on the new tablet computer.
The new thing is excellent for reading books on, but absolutely mind numbingly frustrating for trying to copy paste bits of them into a txt file for typo collection purposes.
It just won't highlight the bits I want it to. And it keeps trying to change pages, because the edges tell it to forward and back on that app, but I can't see how to tell it not to while I'm highlighting. And then when I try and get it to copy half the time it unhighlights and I have to start again.

Change in process not going smoothly.

But the stories were good. Except for the script bit at the end, that I kind of want to send concrit on, except for that being arrogant given my current zero scripts made. But it's just not very satisfying to defeat a villain you only met a couple of pages ago.

I should do some writing.

I put the discs in for to start watching Legends of Tomorrow, but then I finished the ebook instead.

Also I just remembered this week's topic at science fiction group is Star Trek, and the only Trek I've watched this year is Beyond. Mostly because my nice new Enterprise DVDs are in the big pile waiting on the new shelving, but, still. Possibly tomorrow watch something I can make conversation about in the evening?

I did all the cleanering but today feels annoyingly unfinished because I also tried phoning the same people as yesterday and they still have their answerphone on. Do they just use their answerphone all the time? Must I leave a message? Or I could try phoning someone else entirely. Eh, maybe if they don't answer next Monday neither. But the actual today jobs: accomplished.

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