beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Arrow season 2 - all of it

My opinion has not changed since episode 13
basically, ugh
too dark, not my idea of fun.

Also the bad guy's big plan for the season was to make Ollie want to kill himself, and I got up to the episode where he's all suicidal at about the time I'd usually go asleep, so I had to stay awake long enough for him to decide to live. Which was all up to the end of the season. And one in the morning.

If the big wins of the season are that the protagonist becomes neither a suicide nor a murderer (again) then that's, you know, pretty freaking dark.

This show is not fun. I do not see the fun. So I'm not really wanting to watch more of it.

And yet, I own the next season already, and know I'm going to watch it.


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Tags: television
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