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Arrow season 2 up to episode 13

Basically? Ugh.

I mean, Manu Bennett is a very, very handsome man, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like a single thing his character is or does or goes through, so that's not actually helping me want to watch this show.

I have realised that since Tommy Merlyn left there isn't a single character I actually like.

So okay, there's shows that do that, we tune in every week to watch annoying people suffer. But I don't dislike them enough to enjoy it in that way either. Not that I tend to watch from that angle anyway.

So then there's just a bunch of family and romantic melodrama happening to the boringest most annoying people who I have ceased to care about.

So, ugh.

I mean, a lot of my complains about this show just add up to it being too dark to be my cup of tea, which is fine, it's doing its thing, I should just leave it to it. Not much point complain dog is not cat.

And if they're going to take the main character on an arc from serial killer to oh noes repentant to some kind of superhero code, then cool, as long as they can bring the audience with them. But I'd have rather they started with a code?

And it don't make entire sense that he stops crossing names off the list. I mean, he kept finding bad guys doing bad things, that was a useful list. But fine, that particular change to the recipe seems to work, even if it does imply he can't do his own research in order to get Roy a way in. And then gives Roy a completely different way in when he gets injected? Eh, whatever.

... that's the most I feel about these characters. I mean, most of them have the wrong names, which is annoying. It isn't even an AU of the stuff I care about, it's OCs all the way down on way too many of them. I'd feel the show was more honest if it hadn't kept bits of DC. But I don't particularly like their OC's.

And again, keep tripping over the changes. I know comics did this too, but why on earth is Waller so skinny? The Wall should have a certain presence, you know?

Other problems... I think it still counts as a deadbro problem even when Diggle continues being alive. And Walter is back, so that's nice. But there have still been a whole bunch of dead black men. And an ongoing absence of Asians, which is a different kind of problem. Also Diggle... I don't dislike him, but he is not well served by the story, or often served at all. Like, he's fine, when he gets to exist. But mostly he doesn't.

Laurel, however, has been screwed over so badly. Like, why did the writers think this was a story their audience would find useful or valuable? Why do they think we want to see this?
Why is every time we see meds used on TV actually a symbol for abuse and addiction?
Like, if she had anti anxiety meds, after all she's been through, that seems very much fair.
But no, it's always about abuse.
And they make her into this... caricature, and then drag her through all kinds of badness, and why do they feel the need?

Also all the kissing stuff... I really don't care where Ollie puts his anything, at this point, it's always going to be a bad idea made of maximum terrible consequences, because it's that kind of show.

I'm unimpressed with how they showed Slade's attachment to Shado, I'm very very unimpressed with what they did to Shado, especially after giving her that name.

And we do get one bisexual character, but is that going to go poorly? Oh look, yes, yes it is. I'm so sick of it I nearly didn't mention it, because blah blah same shit different day. Where's the loving and supportive same sex relationship to compare/contrast? Where's the love of a good woman when the story is about women? Elsewhere, always, so enough of that.

Also, season 1 Ollie's targets were mostly white collar criminals who acted as if they were above the law. Season 2 Ollie's targets are mostly poor people who the police can't handle because the plot says so. Not loving that.

Okay, so, having said there's not much point complaining about something being too dark to be my cup of tea, I then proceed to complain for a whole bunch of words. You can probably skip reading it.

I just... this isn't the show I want to watch, TV is very seldom the show I want to watch, it fails in predictable ways along lines of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, disability, and I am bitterly tired of it.

That they're using the names and some elements of characters that got me through some really dark places? That just makes it sting.

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