beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Arrow season 2

Have watched the first three episodes.
*makes a sort of :-/ face but more twisty*
... not impressed.

I have figured why I keep tripping over all the DCU references. Because they ought to have significance. Like, over twenty, thirty, don't ask how many years of reading DC comics, those references Mean Something. So whenever they keyword something or bring up a name or a visual reference, those things Mean Something, right? Except wrong. Because most of the time they're background noise, which I don't actually feel benefits anything, and the rest of the time they're twisted so all the accumulated significance falls out and they have to mean something else.

It's like having already learned a language so this word means Red but now I've got to relearn it to mean Purple. Tripping over it every time.

So the things that sound like comics trip me up and take me out of the Arrowverse, and it's irritating.

Also, I'm not a fan of how stupid the characters are. Not just the standard 'head towards the screaming' stupidity, though there's ways and ways of that, and there's heaping helpings some days. But the kind of stupid they set up for maximum feels. The writers swing them around like weathervanes, and Laurel especially I'm having trouble finding psychologically plausible. And it's difficult to find them likeable - if you liked them however they were five episodes ago, so sad, here they are supporting a completely different position, but don't get used to that. It's just, like, surprise! Drama! Hmmm, done that, surprise, different drama! Instead of, you know, people.

I would, generally, like that they've decided to address the whole killed at least a couple dozen people aspect of their central character, but it does change the basis of the show and mean that anyone who supported the previous moral stance has to, you know, change along with it. And since that means changing to agree with me, pretty much yaay. And of all the changes it's the one they're laying the most groundwork for. So okay, we're going to get a guy closer to the comics, ish.

I'm not a fan of the motivation being to honor his friend's memory. Because, and this is kind of important, he didn't seem to give that much of a damn while he was alive. I mean, he heard that stuff before, and didn't change. Plausible, but not awesome.

Ugh, this show is just making me grumpy, and I've read enough spoilers to only be tense about certain characters that I would in other circumstances look forward to. *big sigh*

And yet, I bought it already and I'll end up watching the whole thing, so the makers don't really care.

This may be why we don't get nice things.

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