beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Have rewatched all of Arrow season 1.
Am now suuuuuuuper grumpy over again.
Laurel is a stupidhead and trying to save her from her own stupid put a whole bunch of other people in danger and if she'd left when her dad phoned her specifically to say 'hi am going to die get out right now' then she would have been fine and so would everyone else and she is most stupid.
Or, on a doylist level, writers made all those guys be motivated by protecting that one woman, so she has to be stupid enough to stay in danger even though the danger had a bunch of warning. Not pleasing.
Why does TV always kill the characters I actually like?

On the other hand I have successfully managed to not think about the comics through pretty much that whole rewatch. My problem with the DC television and movies is always that I like the comics. They'd be fine on their own, but what they do to their comics source is just bizarre. So if I can continue to watch them as just their own thing then that will work much better.

Tomorrow I shall start on season 2, which I anticipate being grumpy about also.
... yeah, there's a problem with the logic in there somewhere...

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