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my alarm went off four hours ago, and that was the hey lazy alarm
if I start going round and round the clock again now I'm leaving the house more (or at all) that will be very frustrating.

I dreamt a long complicated set of things that are mostly not useful.
Something about being a magic student in a complex heirarchy with a masquerade going, so everyone had big robes and masks stored behind a secret door in ... I think a department store, because obviously everyone could go to one of those every week without being suspicious. There were lifts that only went to alternate floors, like in the mall car parks. and there was lots of running around stealing other people's masks and robes because I couldn't be bothered to wait.
not very interesting.

also there was something with an army fighting a war but running out of food because they drafted too many workers. and they sent people who pointed that out to go work the... time mines? some kind of altered speed area which they were relying on for their supplies, except they were running out and had been invaded from the other side and because it was super speedy in there by the time someone had run all the way up the time gradient back to the bosses the whole plain below could have filled with enemies. years in a day lets them do that.

prettiest was the one where Steve Rogers crashed in the ice but got rescued by... it was kind of like the fortress of solitude, and a bit goa'uld, and quite a lot asgardian. Alien tech mostly made of gold and swoopy bits and crystals. Pretty.
But it needed a brain to help run its AI, and lacking the one intended, it scooped up Steve.
So instead of 70 years suspended he got 70 years dreaming, living metaphorical versions of the problems the AI was working through.
When I and my party discovered him I immediately leant forward under the arches to take his pulse and so forth, but that turned out to put my head in the mind control frame, so that was not in fact a good idea. A fun idea, yes, but not good. The AI now had a male and female set and a way of making more brains for its very own. So Steve and I were entwined under the gold rings, while I minds were off dreaming. But in the dreamscape he looked his age. I hardly recognised him to start with, because he looked his age as skinny!Steve, as if the serum had been part of the dream. His self image hadn't really caught up before he crashed, and then when everything was shifting dreamscapes he came to the pretty reasonable conclusion that those years at the start were probably a dream too. Waking him up was going to be a complex thing, since his real life was substantially less plausible.
So I wouldn't wish that one on Steve, but it does open up every single possibility for where he's been, and how people who get accidentally networked in would see themselves.

So now it is 1429 and I'm actually awake. All day I have been being woken up by the whistles and other assorted steam train noises. Which is fine, they're quite reasonable about hours, it's just if I want a lie in that that goes a bit annoying. But I could go places on a steam train this weekend if I wanted to.
... think I'll just stay here and wake up a bit more and watch more Arrow.

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