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the new computer continues to be a good thing. I ran it right down to 4% power, where it gets cranky and tells you to plug in, while also telling it has an hour left. that seems like a lot of power.

It now says it will take 5 hours to recharge, which seems less fun, but okays. I shall remember it needs charged while I sleep.
I might have to rearrange plugs to make that happen...

I have read Many of the epub short stories I have owned for ages and not got around to reading. They are handy and convenient now.

I still don't know what half the icons and buttons do, and it still seems really greedy for me to be using Edge and Cortana, but hopefully at some point I can turn them off in such a way it stops asking me to turn them on again? ... Windows 10 is not seeming like an improvement. ... Windows 10 is in fact not seeming like it holds steady neither.

I shall probably put a sticker over the cameras, because it's for reading in bed. The computer does not need to see my bed.

But if I vanish and stay vanished except for complaining about recharging, the new thing will be why.

Of course if I sign in on the new thing I'll be able to make updates like this from there, for lo, it is a computer and can do many things.
... I never like signing in on new devices, I have to actually feel like they're mine first. :eyeroll:

In other news I got a reply to an email and realised I had communicated poorly in the first place and now don't want to bother them. Hopefully the question they answered will be sufficient and the thing I wanted to double check as well is unnecessary degrees of checking.

... this is why I don't like communicate, much error.

... eh, this is boring to say.

I could try and review stuff I read last night and this morning, but I'd basically be like *\o/* Diane Duane! *\o/* and *\o/* Seanan McGuire *\o/*
I read so many little things in a row they have blurred together. In a good way. They were all good and did not annoy me so they're just a long set of good thing.
Seanan's short stories are available on her website
and I've read all the October Daye and most of the InCryptid shorts all in a row.
blur of good things.

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