beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

a) I greatly look forward to the roadworks being finished so I will no longer be woken by the sounds of assorted power tools

b) considering that I only took a painkiller at 0100 and didn't get to sleep until it was nearly reasonable to take another, I feel pretty okay

c) I am surprisingly unachey after my hour and a half quick march around the river last night.
... I am slow, though not slowest. I was mostly just trying to keep up.
And then there was the fun thing where the end of August is a tiny too late to do the riverside walk, and the gates got closed on us.
The people playing Pokemons while we walked were having most fun. I'm still wary of the privacy concerns and the whole needs a data plan bit though.
Pretty good outing, will go again, but am glad the plan for next few times does not include Outside.

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