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A wolf, a reverend, and an estate agent walk into a Fae bar...

Today's dream started with house hunting. Which was mostly frustration and ugh. But then the estate agent showed us this place that at first I thought was the worst, because okay, two bedroom flat on the unthank, sounds fine, but it's over what looked like a butchers shop. And smelled, from the car park out front, like a butchers shop. With the windows all papered over from the inside, so possibly not a shop right at that minute, but that would just mean you wouldn't know who your neighbours were. Plus, have you ever tried getting somewhere to stop smelling like a butchers shop? So I was like *raised eyebrow* at the estate agent, and they explained that the price? The in my price range price? Was for the flat and the shop, with tenant. At which point the place became both more interesting and much more likely to be woeful.

... I have seen a lot of houses. In my price range on the unthank? Has problems.

So we went inside... and the smell magically cut off when the door closed. It was... nice. Dark, but nice. And out the side there was an archway to a conservatory, which had the side windows papered but the roof merely dirty, so it was getting a bunch of sun. There was a table in there, suitable for half a dozen people to sit around playing RPGs. And in the dark shop part there was an old counter, with scars like for butchers knives, but behind it there were a few taps, like a pub. But it didn't smell like a pub either. It just smelled, like, nice and clean and with wooden furniture. That seldom happens. (Very. Seldom.)

I looked through the archway beside the counter, and behind it was a little corridor with doors at both ends to the outside, and across the corridor were a couple of little rooms, so back there was a kitchen and some storage. And the doors led to stairs, so getting to my place would mean going through the same door as the downstairs people, but it was just nice and white and cool back there, tiled floor but nothing nasty looking about it. I kept wondering what the catch was.

And then when I wandered back into the not-bar I saw Oz. Werewolf Oz. Who, in my dreams, was my ex from High School. And also didn't appreciate being called Oz, it was Michael now. And me recognising him made the pattern of who was tense and relaxed change across the half dozen people there, including the guy behind the counter, who I realised was wearing a really interesting hat which seemed maybe to have bumps underneath?

And long story short, I was being shown around a Fae bar, on the Unthank, in Norwich.

Which explained the price they were asking, I mean, they'd probably paid off the mortgage a hundred years ago, and keeping up with the latest market prices wouldn't seem that urgent.

So obviously I was going to try and buy the place, even without seeing the flat, and with the stairs, because wow was this the most interesting place I was likely to find.

... awake me would prioritise insisting on a good survey first. And checking it got deep cleaned. It's no bother to me what Fae were eating in there, I just don't want it squelching or stinking up the place after.

So after that there was a whole chased by bears sequence that honestly I could have lived without, but then there was the part where Fae were asked to vote on me becoming Fae, and only 36% voted to agree I could, so I figured that was All Done, but then only 36% voted for me to stay human, and the others either didn't care or wanted to see what would happen. So that added up to a vote to make me half? Fae? Which I hadn't thought was an option. But I'd be short lived but awesome, or long lived but pretty much human. And different people were, like, trying to influence things one way or the other, with offering me weird eats, or just with the kisses offering themselves. And I was not at all keen on the one guy, tall blonde and uptight, who wanted me upgraded so I'd be suitable for him. Because no? Not how it works? How about he tries to get me to like him first? He does not get to design me to order just because he's uncomfortable fancying someone my species. But I was pretty keen on Oz, whatever he was calling himself now, and he was way more relaxed about the whole thing. Like, he's a shapeshifter, even if I became a shifter I might be any kind of shifter, it's all cool by him. But it wasn't up to either of them, it was up to the designer.

Yes, Fae had a designer.

I'd spent a whole bunch of the dream complaining about the design flaws of various Fae, and how I'd like to give Ruper of Wales a piece of my mind, and then he was going to turn up and I'd get a chance to, but only if I wanted him to be really annoyed while he was designing me.

But then of course he turned out to be Giles, whose Fyarl form was pretty much his natural form, but he could usually switch more smoothly and not be locked in such a bad mood. His Int and Strength stats pretty much swapped when he shifted, so he usually found his squishier human self more versatile.

But he was like a genetic engineer, only for Fae, so they were using magic and had only recently become acquainted with the underlying principles at the base pair level, and had in fact found Fae genetics not explicable by existing human science, so they were quite excited. And he was going to be using his new upgraded understanding to design me.

So that... that's a setup with possibilities.

Like, I always dislike the vaguely aristo logic of the born-different settings, but if they're actually just really advanced genegineers, well, then it gets fun.

Plus the different courts would, like, court you, and try and persuade you to upgrade into the specific styles they'd find useful. And there'd be people thinking up new ways to combine old packages. And of course you could be the violet eyed shapeshifter faerie queen of your dreams, if you fancied... and live with the consequences.

So now I totally want to play with this one.

... also, I totally want that self funding flat on the unthank. That would be awesome. Especially with the no alcohol pub downstairs.


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