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The Flash

Have watched more of The Flash.

The problem is that Flash is darker than Supergirl, and Arrow is darker than Flash, and I like Supergirl, so it's just not wearing off that I keep noticing all the ways this is markedly inferior.

Also the whole concept that the Flash and Arrow have their own prisons? That... that makes them the villain. Right there. That is a line, and they cross it blithely and with confidence.

Granted the Arrow also shoots people, but the show at least has noticed that's a morally problematic act.

And the Flash has a prison made of tiny cells underground. These cells do not appear to have basic facilities. Or a way of putting food in without letting prisoners out. They seem to keep people in solitary confinement. They have no natural light there and no indication how the day night cycle goes. They left the dead dude on the floor of one of these, rather than in a different sort of containment unit. That's their neighbour now, a very dead guy. So minimum standards for people are not being met. And nobody cares.

And the prison thing is only a problem because of the secrecy thing, which ... this isn't just an origin story for one hero, it's for the entire concept of metahumans, and so far it's like a year since powers became a Thing and police don't believe in them, and the heroes? They aren't explaining. Not in general. Just to the one guy, who for 'reasons' keeps it to himself.

I mean, it's going to be difficult to contain metahumans and bring them to trial and so forth, but the DCU has the special crimes unit, and they do exactly that. Why are they not doing that in the show? Because... accelerator prisons with no trials, no lawyers, no chaplains, no outside contact, that's superior?

Why is Barry standing for this? Why is Barry, who visits his father in prison often, standing for the very concept of this hole in the ground being a suitable place for people?

So once again the clumsy lack of infrastructure imposed by the weird distorted timelines of an all origin stories universe is distorting my perceptions of characters. They don't work this way.

And it's making these 'heroes' be worse than SHIELD when I was really displeased with SHIELD already. Different universe, I know, but, same problems, courts and access and infrastructure stuff.

Actually this just annoyed me enough I went and looked up some spoilers, and some stuff they will poke later, but ... ugh.

Also? Secret identities - ugh. But the thing is in this show the secret identity is only a secret from, like, one person. For some reason they're not telling the girl. Because she is special precious flower who must be protected? That's suck.

I'm having trouble playing along with the bits that are supposed to be fun because there's all these problems just lying around. It's annoying.

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