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The Flash

Today I bought season 1 of the Flash, because it was in ASDA for reasonable moneys.
So far I have watched two episodes, and it's pretty okay.

I mean, they kill his mother, make that the big important thing, and I'm never exactly fond of fridging people, especially mothers. Like stories only care until they've podded someone out. Blergh.

And then there's two? Women? So far? Iris and Dr... Snow?
That's really a lot less than half.

So basically it is not Supergirl and is fail in all the ways it is not Supergirl.

Plus they used my least favourite disability trope... actually no, there's a whole huge list of least favourite disability tropes, that's depressing... okay it used a really annoying disability trope, where someone getting out of their wheelchair is a creepy sign that something is hugely wrong. And, really? I mean, people use wheelchairs, then they stand up to, like, use the loo or whatever. Wheelchairs do not necessarily mean paralysis, they can mean complex pain or fatigue or so many other things. So just having that visual and using it like a sign he's lying, and then using it when he goes and stabs that dude, that's just... *sigh* I am so done with so many things, but epic poor disability representation is way up there.

Hmmm, that actually covers quite a lot of stuff so far.

But it has ethnic diversity, and superpowers, and that's a nice start.

It is yet another show that makes me (a) notice how long it has been since last time I saw that guy (b) feel like past a certain point one does not get to be the protagonist and (c) feel old when I realise the young and theoretically attractive people are only seeming young to me.

... it's my birthday next week, I'm not keen on this whole time passing bit, it's a thing.

Also it's nice how Barry has that little speech to the guy that raised him about how doing all that work makes him kind of like his dad, but then that leaves him having romantic feelings for his kind of like a sister, and that part seems not cool to me. Seems like a weird setup.

I guess this is why I didn't watch this show before, I bounced off the not-quite.

But I have run out of Supergirl and this has costumes.

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