beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Big Finish Audio: Doctor Who: The Entropy Plague

Pretty good story, told in a pretty rubbish way.
It was told in flashback with a framing story. It was like the whole story flinched and it got told in the most distant possible way. It's difficult to have a feels about it when it's both trying not to have them and detailing at some length exactly which variety of sentiments one should have by the end, in voiceover, as a letter to someone who will never get it (awwww)(:eyeroll:).

On the other hand, these three stories together are all about trade offs, sacrifice, saving the many by losing the few. They poke at it a lot, which ways are heroic and voluntary and which are, well, stupid, and which are actually evil. It's an interesting theme set with a theoretically good conclusion, it's just told really poorly this one time.

My face is mostly puzzled face right now, because why did they do that the rubbish way?

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