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This morning started kind of poorly, with a nightmare where Superman got shot as Clark Kent, in a battle with Kryptonians so there were a lot of K bullets flying around, and there was a hole in his lower abdomen and, like, stuff showing that should really not be showing, and nobody left standing gave a damn about civilian casualties so I started yelling his Kryptonian name and trying to get someone's attention that way. And then he just wasn't in my arms any more, and I had to assume some Kryptonian somewhere decided to do something to help. And I was left on an empty battlefield with just like wreckage left everywhere, and I ended up wandering off and finding the coffee place on the corner was still open, and half the Supergirl team were there, but they didn't know any more than I did.

So once I woke up I had to write that in my head until things were much better than that. Like, clearly Kryptonians have healing nanotech, Clark would be fine, obviously, he's always fine. But that was really upsetting.

So then my day started late, which wasn't cool.

but I'm up, I'm clean, I'm dressed, I started Cleaner Day appropriately, and I remembered to clean out the fridge and put all the new cutlery in the dishwasher before I started it. So that's working.

It's weirdly annoying having nightmare feelings hangover. Like, I know full well it's all imaginary stuff that isn't even wrong, but feelings just had a really bad thing happen in front of them and are kind of ... like bad smell, trying to stick around.

Last night I went looking for Supergirl fanfic, but found despite an actual strong presence of f/f that none of it is my happy place. I haven't figured what my happy place would be.

I know what it is not though. Like, I know there's a lot of family on this show, and family is a major theme, and family love each other, but, not like that.

Also there is, funnily enough, a shortage of fic about minor supporting characters that seemed quite interesting.

In related news, last night I got all upset because one can age out of being Supergirl or Superman and then what? Like, I know in the comics there's been olders, that's part of what I liked about the comics, but in most stories, past a certain point, you have aged out of being the protagonist. And then what are you supposed to dream on? Being parent to adopted children is still achievable I suppose, or being a mentor like Cat, but, I just, really, why? Why is it suddenly supporting cast time? Ugh.

I know reasons they didn't just have Superman be older when his cousin got here, but, in universe, Watsonian level, there's no reason Superman couldn't just be older when his cousin got here. And if they're going to have people getting stuck in the phantom zone on the way here then a whole extra generation of Supers could arrive at any time. So why not have an older generation of Superman and Supergirl and tell the story of trying to live in the world they built?

Which I guess thematically is what the prison following her in does, her mother's consequences, Astra, and her engaging with the DEO and generals and so forth, but... I don't know, grumble grumble grump.

Mostly I'm just having a feelings and some of them are not nice
but I liked Supergirl so there's nice feelings around as well
so that's nice.

Cleaner is here, I can stop rambling and go do something useful.

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