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Yaay Supergirl!

I need some Supergirl icons :-)

I finished watching Supergirl season 1 :-)

... wait, I finished watching :-(

But, Supergirl!

*happy eee noises*

See, I know it's not perfect, but I really like the stuff it does well, so it is a happy place, and all about hope and love and stronger together :-)

Also sometimes there's a moment where they're either going to do a really bad thing or a really good one, and they choose the good one! :-)

... yes, that was indeed the ! of happy surprise. I have watched so many thing that did not acknowledge the plausible possibility of the good ones. So many.

So Supergirl is a happy place and I am all *happy eee*

Except for the thing where I have finished it and must now wait for any more.

There were so many women! It's really hard to screw up so many women, so it's a very good thing when there's so many women. But also they did not screw them up! There's women, and they talk to each other, and help each other, and inspire each other, and save each other. And women get to save men, which is not guaranteed even when there's female protagonists around. And Supergirl is nice and when she's sad someone has died it's not the single manly tear of rage-revenge, it's being sad she didn't have more time to reach them and all the good forgiveness stuff. But she gets to have feelings too, she's not stuck. And everyone else gets feelings too. And mostly they support each other. Except for if supervillains.

The one where the Flash turned up and he was all 'let's fight like women' :-)

Ethnicity is a bit Could Do Better. But! Two black men as series regulars, and they survive!
... which is kind of a spoiler, but wow am I tired of the other thing. So tired.

Actually most diversity that isn't white women is a bit... well there were two black women that I can remember, so that's... a start? But.

I am a bit tired of m/f will they won't they oh look a kiss oh no duty *sigh*
but it's still cast a little different than usual.

Also Winn could have been awful and wasn't. That's progress.

Oh, and when Kara kissed someone and then realised they were mind controlled she apologised later because consent. Good details.

So the series before this one that I watched through was Lost Girl, so now I'm imagining a show with as many women as Supergirl and as much bi kissing as Lost Girl.

... I may imagine that at some length, later.

... *blinks*

But I'm still just *happy eee* about Supergirl.

The only thing I noticed though is I keep reading everyone as so young except for, like, Cat and Eliza and Alex. ... I may be possibly a lot <3 about Alex. Which is weirdly awkward if I think about it too hard because I have longstanding appreciation of both of her character's parents actors / other characters, so that's, like... *blinks* *a lot*

... like, basically, it is making me think about my age, in the weeks running up to my birthday.

... aaaaand I just paused to blink a lot and look up a lot of ages.

But! Basically! Everyone is pretty and their characters are nice and I like everyone and this is such a fun playground and *happy bouncing yaays*


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